This class is perfect for the person new to Yoga, recovering from injury or looking at bringing your practice back to basics. With a focus on breath, alignment and deeply connecting with your mind, body and soul. This class will leave you feeling restored, developing harmony, strength and flexibility progressively.

Soul Flow

Yoga IS union, which is unlocked when the breath, body, and mind are weaved together; this is the essence of vinyasa. Postures are linked together into a dynamic flow which builds core & muscular strength through static and dynamic holds thus creating an internal heat providing mental clarity.

Soul Soothe

A restorative and therapeutic yoga class aligning the physical and mental mindbody by practicing stillness with gentle movement held over longer periods of time. This is the perfect class if you are looking to complement your active lifestyle and in need of some deep tissue work or wanting some nourishment for the soul.

Soul Power

The combination of body and mind creates incredible broad range of fulfillment, including top physical condition and a calm, clear mind. Quieting the mind dis-empowers patterns of thinking, judging, attachment and being open to what you are feeling. This class explores the challenges of quieting the mind, while discovering strength.

Soul Mumma’s

Perfect for the expectant Mum or women who are wanting to conceive. This restorative, Pre-natal Yoga focuses on self-nurture and working towards a conscious beautiful birth. Breath development, relaxation and modified asana’s are the key features of this class whilst building a supportive community network.

Soul Mums & Bubs

A beautiful bonding experience once your baby is a few months old. This class provides an opportunity for our Soul Mumma’s to practice a gentle and restorative Yoga while connecting and interacting with the baby. It’s also a wonderful way to restore the body’s natural balance and promote well being.
of motherhood.


Pilates is a set of exercises focusing on building your core muscles. The core is essential in everyday activities such as walking, lifting and even sitting. The correct muscle recruitment pattern of our core stabilizing muscles assists us with our daily functional movements and the demands of our jobs!

Soul SUP Yoga

Take your Yoga practice out into the pristine and calm waters of Palm Beach. Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga combines traditional Yoga postures with the added movement of the board and combined, gives you a whole new experience and challenge and is great for core stability! (SEASONAL – available in Spring and Summer)

Soul Kids

Kid’s yoga classes combine fun with exercise, children go on wild adventures where they may roar like a lion, fly like a bird or blast into outer space. Whether your child has just started walking, or if they have been running for years, kid’s yoga is the perfect way to increase confidence and develop their imagination.

Specialty Workshops

Come and join us for workshops offered from expert guest teachers from Perth, Interstate and Internationally acclaimed. See page for up and coming events.

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